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Upper Coastal Plain Substation

05/30/2020 11:30:00 PM

Current Conditions
Current observation Time 05/30/2020 11:30:00 PM
Temperature 63.3°F
Wind 0 mph from N/A (N/A)
Wind Chill 63.3°F
Heat Index 63.3°F
Dewpoint 59.4°F
Humidity 87%
Barometer 30.096 inHg
Barometer Trend (3 hours) 0.022 inHg
Rain Rate 0.00 in/hr
UV 0.0
ET 0.00 in
Solar Radiation 0 W/m²
4in Soil Temperature 75.0°F
8in Soil Temperature 75.0°F
16in Soil Temperature 74.0°F
4in Soil Moisture 8 cb
8in Soil Moisture 19 cb
16in Soil Moisture 10 cb


Since Midnight
High Temperature
Low Temperature
82.2°F at 04:00:00 PM
61.5°F at 06:00:00 AM
High Heat Index
Low Wind Chill
82.9°F at 03:30:00 PM
61.5°F at 06:00:00 AM
High Humidity
Low Humidity
96% at 02:30:00 AM
46% at 02:30:00 PM
High Dewpoint
Low Dewpoint
66.2°F at 11:30:00 AM
58.4°F at 11:00:00 PM
High Barometer
Low Barometer
30.118 inHg at 09:00:00 AM
30.047 inHg at 06:00:00 PM
Today's Rain 0.00 in
High Rain Rate 0.00 in/hr at 12:30:00 AM
High Wind 13 mph from 22° at 10:00:00 AM
Average Wind 2 mph
Average 4in Soil Temperature 74.3°F
Average 8in Soil Temperature 73.6°F
Average 16in Soil Temperature 73.4°F
Vector Average Speed
Vector Average Direction
3 mph
High UV
Low UV
7.5 at 02:00:00 PM
0.0 at 12:30:00 AM
High ET
Low ET
0.03 in at 02:00:00 PM
0.00 in at 12:30:00 AM
High Radiation
Low Radiation
1075 W/m² at 12:30:00 PM
0 W/m² at 12:30:00 AM


Site information
Station name Upper Coastal Plain Substation
Station id WINA1
City Winfield
Latitude 33.91087°
Longitude -87.846636°
Elevation 523 feet
Sunrise: 05:41:42 AM
Sunset: 07:56:23 PM
Moon Phase: First quarter (53% full)


Daily Data Archive
WINA1 (10/01/2018 - current)
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Hourly Data Archive
WINA1 (10/01/2018 - current)
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